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Plasma Cutter Simadre 3-in-1 5200dx 50 Amp / 200 Amp Tig Arc Mma Welder 110/220v

  50 Amp Plasma Cutter /. Simadre brings you the latest in plasma cutter technology with the new SIMCT-5200DX. An affordable high quality machine that performs as well as and in some cases surpasses well known American made machines at a fraction of the cost. High working efficiency / DC output can cut the same thickness on 110V or 220V!! 3" Per minute at 1" Steel (Severance Cut). 7" Per minute at 3/4" Thick Steel. 17" Per minute at 1/2" Thick Steel. Flexible TIG torch comes with long and short back caps for welding in tight places. Machine is equipped with a large cooling fan and is ...